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1. Why can’t I find the whole article?

We urge all Library users to access PubMed through the LRC LibLynx link. When searching PubMed and clicking on an article, if it’s available in full text online, there will be an RMU: Full-text Online button. If it’s located in print form on the shelves, it will have an RMU: Print button. To order a copy of the article, click on the blue Send to hyperlink located near the top right of the citation; under Choose Destination select Order; click on the Order articles box; this will take you directly to LoansomeDoc where you can login and order directly to the RMU Library. Please keep in mind other links may be provided as well, some to publisher’s sites. Most publishers will ask for payment to access the article. YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR ARTICLES! Please send us an Interlibrary Loan request either through LoansomeDoc or by sending the article citation to [email protected] and we will get it for you for free.

When ordering an article, send the entire citation including the PMID number. If you have searched PubMed and not found the citation (and there is no PMID number), add this information in the Note section.

The full text of an article or journal is not always available electronically. This is especially true of older articles pre-1980s. RMUoHP may have the journal in print on our shelves. If the article is marked with the RMU: Print button, include that information when you request the article.
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2. What if I can’t find the article I need through RMUoHP’s databases?

If some of the journals you are seeking are not full-text online through RMUoHP’s subscriptions, the journal sites may have the full text with a charge per article for access. Please contact us before paying for an article. We can most likely obtain a copy for free.

Some journals are available only in print, some only electronically, and some are available in both modes. Using the interlibrary loan request through LoansomeDoc or [email protected] is the best way to obtain articles not accessible full-text. Library staff will track down a copy of the article for free through its agreements with other libraries.
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3. How do I request an article that I can’t find full-text?

Assuming that you have checked all the usual resources (PubMed and its links to Ovid and EBSCO, your local university and/or hospital libraries, and Google and/or Google Scholar) request the article through RMUOHP.

  • PubMed: use your LoansomeDoc account to make a request.
  • EBSCO Databases: Click the Request this Item through Interlibrary Loan, fill out your personal information and click Submit.
  • Ovid: Click on Document Delivery, fill out your personal information and click Order.
  • ComDisDome: Click on Find a Copy, fill out your personal information and click Send Request.
  • All other sources, email a complete and accurate citation, including the PMID (PubMed IDentifying number) or the UI (Unique Identifier) to [email protected].

We will get the article for you for free. For more information on this topic follow this link to a quick tutorial: Ordering Articles.
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4. How can I effectively search for literature?

Literature searching techniques are varied in complexity. It takes time and practice to learn good searching strategies. RMUoHP offers library training courses to each new program and to any and all individuals as needed. Please contact Library Services at [email protected] or 801-734-6820 or 385-375-8361 for assistance, as well as visiting the pages of this website. The following are some pointers to get you started:

  • When using PubMed, first try the Automatic Term Mapping. Later, you may want to identify MeSH terms and use them to narrow in on your topic. Search for one term at a time, them combine searches in the Advanced section to keep your focus narrow.
  • Review the Library Instructions located on WebStudy under Library Orientation 101.
  • Also, click here for instructional videos on using our databases.

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5. How much time do I need to allow for an article request or interlibrary loan?

Please expect between three to five business days. This allows us to receive and process your request, send it out to other libraries, and  time for us to receive the material back, and send it to you.

Keep in mind that we or the providing library may not process your request immediately if it is a weekend, late at night, vacation. We will try to keep you posted regarding the status of your requests.

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8. How do I suggest the Library purchase a book or other resource?

Send us an email with all the necessary information (author, title, edition, publisher, ISBN) to [email protected].
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9. How do I look up the books and resources the Resource Center already has?

Click here to be directed to the LRC Library Catalog. You can also go to the Learning Resource Center’s main webpage at  Make sure the Library Catalog tab is selected. Type your search terms in the box under RMUoHP Catalog to search for books and electronic resources available through the Learning Resource Center.
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10. How do I sign up for a MyNCBI account?

Check out this tutorial for directions or call the Library at 801.734.6820 or 385.375.8361 or email [email protected].
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If you experience any difficulties please contact us.
Ashley Bassett at 801-734-6820 or [email protected]
Karen Newmeyer at 385-375-8361 or [email protected]
Monica Benavides at 385-375-8772 or [email protected]
Send Interlibrary Loan requests to: [email protected]. Please include as much information as possible with your requests.