OTD Capstone Projects are listed below*, by specialization and alphabetically by the author’s last name.

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*The following is a partial alphabetical list of OTD Capstone projects. Physical copies can be viewed by contacting Dr. Michelle Webb.

Administration/Leadership | Clinical Education | EducationGeneral Rehabilitation | Geriatrics | Mental Health | Pediatrics | Upper ExtremityWork & Health


  • Hudgins, E. Occupational Therapy in the Workplace; Business Plan
  • Miller, N.E. An Evidence-Based Business Plan for a Feeding Clinic; Business Plan
  • Sonkowsky, T. Integrating Occupational Therapy in the Florence County Aging and Disability Resource Center; Program Proposal

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Clinical Education

  • Foster, T. Exploring Occupational Therapist Burnout: Strategies to Inspire Growth, Change, and Development; Cont. Ed Course

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  • Bergner, J.L. Successful Students, Outstanding Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Educators: Companion Manuals for Hand Therapy; Fieldwork Manual
  • Dulek, J. A Flipped Course on the Flipped Model: Introducing the Flipped Classroom to OTA Educators; Cont. Ed Course
  • Escovedo, E. Bridging the Gap: Bringing Academia to the Clinic; Cont. Ed Course
  • Hall, R. Clinical Anatomy Application: Prosections with Case Studies for Occupational Therapy Fieldwork Preparation;Evidence-based project; Educational Module
  • Heinz, A. Educating to Meet the Needs of Society: The Value of Coaching Training in Occupational Therapy Curricula; Manuscript for Publication
  • Jewell, M.C. Occupation-Based Foundations in Hand Therapy Education: A Course Syllabus; Syllabus
  • Jones, J.S. Evidence-based Practice for the Occupational Therapy Assistant; Book Chapter
  • Kelley, K. The Use of Simulation in Occupational Therapy Assistant Education to Enhance Learning;Evidence-based project; Educational Module
  • Murphy, N.A. Evidence-Based Practice Concordance: Occupational Therapy Education Standards, Entry-Level Curricula, and Professional Certification; Manuscript for Publication
  • Nader, F. An Occupation-Centered Level II Fieldwork Syllabus for Master’s Degree Occupational Therapy Students; Evidence-based Project
  • Stephenson, S. Entry-Level Occupational Therapy Doctoral Experiential Component: Preparing Clinical Sites; Program Proposal and Manual
  • Tucker-Roghi, G.C. The Abilities Care Approach®: An Online Training Program for Occupational Therapy Students; Cont. Ed Course
  • Vaughan, A. Fieldwork Education in Community-Based Occupational Therapy Practice: An Experiential Opportunity; Program Proposal

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General Rehabilitation

  • Dvorak, M.A. Empowering Occupational Therapy Off-Road Driving Assessments for Older Adults; Cont. Ed Course
  • Ehrenfried, H.L. Work, the Forgotten Occupation?; Manuscript for Publication
  • Kangas, S. Driving Post-Stroke: Assessments for Return to Driving; Evidence-based Project
  • Kashiwa, A.L. Occupational Therapy’s Role in the Veteran Suicide Crisis: A Call to Action; Manuscript for Publication
  • Lietzow, L. Tests and Measures Manual for Occupational Therapists in an Acute Hospital Setting; Manual
  • Lucht, S. Fostering Self-Efficacy in Combat-Injured Veterans through Community-Based Occupational Therapy; Program Proposal
  • Masker, K.A. Staying in Tune: A Prevention and Wellness Program Proposal for Musicians; Program Proposal
  • McDonald, C.A. Enhancing Student Attention in the Classroom: An Evidence-based Professional Development Workshop for Kindergarten Teachers; Amendment to a Law
  • Mott, C.R. An Occupational Therapy Pilot Program for the Primary Care Setting; Program Proposal

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  • Asao, W.R. Cognitive Aim: Assess Improve, & Maintain Cognition for Older Persons Post-Orthopedic Surgery; Program Proposal/Manual
  • Banks, T. Active Responsive Interactions Safeguarding the Elderly (ARISE); Program Proposal
  • Chio, C.I. OT Interventions in Mild Cognitive Impairment; Cont. Ed Course
  • Heess, C. Occupational Therapy’s Role with the Aging Oncology Population; Cont. Ed Course
  • Kardachi, J. Proposal to Include Occupational Therapy in Age-Friendly New York City Working Groups; Program Proposal
  • Patterson-Anslinger, G. Occupational Therapy’s Role in the Healthy Brain Initiative: Adults with Alzheimer’s Disease; Manuscript for Publication
  • Renshaw, J.K. Golden Apples: A Technology Enrichment Program for Community-Dwelling Older Adults; Program Proposal
  • Tanish, K. The Missing Piece: Incorporating Caregivers into Therapy Practice to Improve Quality of Life; Cont. Ed Course
  • Turlo, A. Effects of Pain Management during Activities of Daily Living for Individuals with Dementia; Case Report
  • Webb, M.L. Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias: Promoting Cognitive Health Amongst the African-American Population; Cont. Ed Course

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Mental Health

  • Johnson, M.K. The Olivia Project: Enhancing Occupational Performance in Adolescents with Mental Health Disorders; Program Proposal
  • Rainelli, G. The PEARL: Occupation-based Social Skills Activities for Children with Emotional-Behavioral Disorders; Program Proposal

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  • Cirrincione, C. Family Routines: Optimizing Children’s Potential; Manuscript for Publication
  • Czech, K. Your OT Mentor: A Web-Based Resource; Website Design
  • Dale, T. S’cool Moves: A Program Proposal; Program Proposal
  • Dillman, A.M. The Power of Play: An Informational Workshop for Caregivers; Cont. Ed Course
  • Dobyns, K. Increasing Awareness and Acceptance of Children with Disabilities through Children’s Picture Books; Evidence-based Project, Manuscript for Children’s Books
  • Faulkner, B.N. Fun, Accessible, and Inclusive Recess (FAIR) Play Project; Cont. Ed Course
  • Gregg, S.T. Utilizing Evidence-Based Sensory Integration Intervention and Outcome Measures for a Pediatric Clinic; Program Proposal
  • Guzman, C. Routine Mapping and Family Goal Writing; Cont. Ed Course
  • Henton, P. Relationship-based Feeding: A Primer for Practitioners; Cont. Ed Course
  • Holliday, P. Social Emotional Learning in the Classroom; Manuscript for Publication
  • Kraversky, D.G. Occupation-Based Pediatric Practice: A Practical Approach; Cont. Ed Course
  • Lindsay, G.M. Promoting Participation Through the Integration of Video Modeling and Data-Driven Decision-Making in the School-Based Setting; Cont. Ed Course
  • Mayer, K. Back to Basics: Rediscovering the Value of Play; Cont. Ed Course
  • McPhie, J.W. Nobody is Sleeping, What Do We Do? Behavioral Sleep Interventions for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders; Cont. Ed Course
  • Mike, E. Blue University: A Support Program for Students with Autism; Program Proposal
  • Milberger, A.I. A Measure of Eating Skills and Behaviors; Content Proposal for New Assessment Tool
  • Moise, V. School to Life Academy: A Pilot Program Business Proposal; Program Proposal
  • Morejon, E.O. Autism Get Your Moves (GYM); Program Proposal
  • Osborne, D.E. The Role of the Occupational Therapist in Response to Intervention; Program Proposal
  • Price, A. The Role of Occupational Therapy in the Secondary Education Transition Planning Progress; Cont. Ed Course
  • Raymond-Tolan, L. Executive Functioning, Attention and Motivation: Developing a “Tool-kit” for Child-Centered Practice; Evidence-based Project
  • Robinson, P. Teacher’s Reflex Integration Curriculum (T-Rex)- Movement for the Primary Grades; Program Proposal
  • Schaeffer, M. A Sensory Integration Intensive Treatment Program for an Outpatient Hospital Setting; Program Proposal
  • Seiler, S.A. Parenting ABCs: Advancing Baby’s Capabilities Program Proposal for a Parenting Group; Program Proposal
  • Six, H.A. The Classical Academy Charter Schools Motor Lab Manual; Program Manual

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Upper Extremity

  • Chism, T. A Level II Fieldwork Manual for the Hand Therapist; Fieldwork Manual
  • Fernandes, J. The Hand Therapist’s Role in Pre-and Post-Natal Care: A Health Promotion Approach; Program Proposal
  • Kannas, S. Occupational Therapy Residency Program in Hand Therapy at Mayo Clinic, Rochester; Evidence-based Project, Residency Program
  • Krumm, K. Utilizing Graded Motor Imagery for Upper Limb Dysfunction; Cont. Ed Course
  • Olson, K.W. Teaching Novel Treatment Techniques in Hand Therapy to Improve Patient’s Participation in Occupation; Cont. Ed Course
  • Rodriguez, D. The Occupational Therapist’s Role in Hand Therapy: A Collaborative Approach to Health Care Success; Cont. Ed Course
  • Thacker, J. Hand Therapy Residency Program; Program Proposal
  • Toreno, A.H. Proprioception Activities to Encourage Participation in Activities of Daily Living in Patients with Upper Extremity Orthopedic Injuries; Cont. Ed Course
  • Wagner, J. An Evidence-Based Occupation Driven Educational Program on the Clinical Assessment of the Upper Extremity for General Medicine Practitioners; Cont. Ed Course

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Work & Health

  • Tutten, P. Occupational Therapy: Enhancing Worker Participation and Safety at Work; Program Proposal

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