OTD Capstone Projects are listed below alphabetically by the author’s last name.

  • Acurio, Danielle Spirituality and Occupational Therapy: Enhancing the Quality of Life ǂ
  • Athnos, Deanna OT Telehealth in Alaska
  • Gerzmehle, Jay Occupation-based Interventions for an Adolescent Baseball Players with Medial Elbow Pain: A Case Report
  • Gett, Melissa A Pawsitive Touch on Care: Therapy Dogs in Transitional Care Settings ǂ
  • Harvey, Latoya Occupation Therapy in Secondary Transition: A Case Report
  • Killinger, Catherine Being Social Involves More than Talking ǂ
  • Leonard, Sharon Occupational Justice ǂ
  • Mike, Emily Blue University: A Support Program for Students with Autism
  • Rashad, Diamond The Opportunity for Occupation Therapy in Pediatric Disaster Recovery
  • Wroten, Christie Effectiveness of Electronic Documentation: A Case Report

ǂ Full Text Currently available on LibLynx

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