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  • Albrecht, Herk Telepsychiatric Services Incorporated Within Northwestern Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains
  • Amann, Isabelle T. Telephone Management of Heart Failure Patients: A Nursing Clinical Project
  • Baxter, Kara K. Family Presence Self-Awareness of Clinical Department Head Administrators: An Interventional Design for the Acute Care Setting
  • Celaya, Mary S. Effect of a Teaching Intervention
  • Chronis-Kuhn, Jean Conflict Resolution Model for Nursing: Intervention and Instrumentation
  • Ezeokeke, Ogo Improving the Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Practicality of Nursing Home Provider Progress Notes: A Step Toward Electronic Medical Records
  • Foster, Melissa Lewis Healthcare Provider Satisfaction with Medication Management After Implementation of Informatics
  • Gilbow, Jennifer K. Staff Nurses and EBP: Filling the Gap Between Evidence and Practice
  • Gourley, Janet M. Stress and Health-Promoting Behavior: An Evidence-Based Intervention for Integrative Healthcare Providers
  • Hogue, Carol S. Acute Care Staff Attitudes Toward Animal Assisted Therapy Before and After an AAT Teaching Intervention
  • Morrison, Constance A. Continuing Legal Education Programming for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses: An Application in New Hampshire of Green’s Continuing Education Process
  • Pruitt, Alicia C. Patient Flow in a Hospital Urgent Care Unit: An Interventional Study
  • Rader, Richard Improving the Quality of Life for People with Chronic Pain
  • Rex, Loquintha Developing a Diabetes Self-Management Education Program
  • Sanchez, Broc Cost Effectiveness and Global Assessment of Functioning Scores for Respiridone Long-Acting Injection Compared to Oral Resperisone
  • Schams, Kathryn A. Family Satisfaction with End of Life Care in a Midwestern Veterans Administration Nursing Home
  • Schmeltz, Cindy Nurse Practitioner Attitudes Toward Professional Website Hosting Before and After a Web-Based Tutorial Intervention
  • Taylor, Carol Lee Feasibility Plan for Rural Healthcare, LLC
  • White, Dorothea Dee Client Satisfaction With Perceived Healthcare Following a Parental Teaching Intervention

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  • Downey, Nancy Client Satisfaction with Nurse Practitioner Delivery of Care Following a Skilled Intervention
  • Galler, Diana L. Nurse Practitioner Knowledge of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS): An Evidence-Based Practice Perspective
  • Gilbert, Marcia A. Diagnostic Reasoning Skills and Accuracy Of Diagnosis in Nurse Practitioner Students: An Androgogical Intervention Using the Hermeneutic Model
  • Harrison, Donald Putting Evidence into Practice: A Nurse Practitioner Perspective
  • Kidner, Maria C. The Duke Activity Status Index (DASI) in Rural Rocky Mountain Women: Tailoring an Evidence-Based Perspective
  • Laffoon, Carl L. Perceived Acute Care Competency: An Interventional Study on the Seven Domains of Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Competencies
  • Nishitani-Smith, Marilyn D. Rural Primary Care Perceptions Regarding the Utility of Electronic Health Records
  • Nomamiukor, Dora An Evidence-Based Practice Interventional Study Regarding Erectile Dysfunction
  • Peck, Katherine L. Attitudes Toward the Use of Therapy Animals in the Clinical Setting
  • Peterson, Lana J. Using Psychiatric Service Dogs for Psychiatrically-Disabled Patients: An Evidence-Based Intervention
  • Pfenning, Stacey A Journal Club Initiative: Bringing Evidence Based Practice to the Bedside Nurse
  • Vatanadilok, Tan Pressure Ulcer Prevention in Long-Term Care: An Evidence-Based Practice Interventional Study

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  • Al-Marashi, Sabah I. Advancing Primary Care Practitioners’ Knowledge in the Management of the Diabetic Patient with Hypertension and/or Hyperlipidemia: An Application of Evidence-Based Practice Algorithms
  • Bautista, Beatriz G. Advanced Practice Nurse Assessment and Management of Childhood Obesity in Primary Care
  • Berg, Barbara Graduate Nursing Student Satisfaction with Instructor Student Interaction in an Online Practicum Class Before and After Addition of Audio-Visual Feedback
  • Bird, Sally A. Buddy Support and Diabetic Self-Care Adherence: An Evidence-Based Perspective
  • Collom, Chad D. Nurse Practitioner Knowledge Regarding Adult Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): An Evidence-Based Intervention
  • Emerick, Nadia R. Level of Emotional Intelligence Among Advanced Practice Nurses: An Interventional Design for the Clinical Practice Setting
  • Helminiak, Joseph J. Advanced Practice Nursing Attitudes Toward Complementary and Alternative Therapies and Valeriana
  • Lamb, Mary J. Critical Thinking Dispositions and Skills in Chinese Nurses Before and after a Critical Thinking Educational Intervention
  • Quartullo, Tirsa Carolina Advance Practice Nursing Attitudes Toward Dermatological Quality of Life and Phototherapy in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris
  • Raskiewicz, Caroline L. Level of Knowledge and Skill of Nurse Anesthetists Before and After a Selected Teaching Intervention with the Fiberoptic Bronchoscope for Intubation
  • Sallas Bruney, Teresa Billing and Coding Knowledge, Confidence, and Performance Among Primary Care Healthcare Providers
  • Veal, Richard L. Patient Decisional Conflict and Informed Consent: An Advanced Practice Nursing Perspective

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  • Acosta, Gloria J. Implementation of an Evidence-Based Formal Preoperative Education Program for Cardiac Surgery Patients
  • Alexander, Jackie Lea Ankle-Brachial Index: Implementation of Evidence-Based Chronic Disease Management
  • Ballard, Valerie Improving Access to Care for Patients with Limited English Proficiency
  • Craig, William John Percutaneous Nerve Stimulation for the Performance and Education of Peripheral Nerve Block Administration
  • Evans, Thomas J. Aromatherapy for Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting, Attitudes, Knowledge, and Practice Patterns of Perianesthesia Nurses Before and After an Educational Intervention
  • Fliris, Cathy Implementation of a Disease Management Program to Enhance Self-Care Behaviors for Rural Adults with Heart Failure
  • Gibson, Linda Remediation for At-Risk Nursing Students
  • Hanks, Deborah Implementation of a Mentoring Program for Graduate Nurse Practitioners Newly Hired Within a Community Health Center to Increase Job Satisfaction and Decrease Turnover
  • Hooper, Nicole An Evidence-Based Service for Parents: An Educational Intervention Within the Newborns’ First Week of Life
  • Jordan-Marshall, Betty J. A Multidisciplinary Approach for Decreasing the Prevalence of Childhood Obesity
  • Joseph, Milly Implementation of Strategies Within a Diabetes Guideline to Improve ALC Testing
  • Kauffman, Scott Facilitating Practice Guideline Implementation Through an Evidence Based Practice Education Intervention to Promote the Use of the Bougie Intubation Introducer
  • Lundemo, Barbara C. Attitude and Knowledge of Health Care Practitioners Concerning Chronic Low Back Pain
  • McConachie, Angela An EBP Educational Project: Identifying Barriers and Behavior Change
  • McIntyre, Vicki Lynn Improving Identification and Management of Patients with Hepatitis C by Increasing Awareness Through Educational Intervention
  • Mowery, Allison Impact of Nurse Practitioner Managed Heart Failure Clinic
  • Ogilvie, Carrie C. Integrating Palliative Care in the Intensive Care Unit: An Evidence Based Practice Change
  • Parrish, Becky L. Attitudes Toward Menopause in a Faith-Based Community: An Interventional Study
  • Pecora, Anthony Laboring Epidural Hydration and Its Effects On LATCH Scores
  • Radford-Goad, Linda Telehealth and Low Back Pain
  • Reveles, Kathryn Reducing Obesity at a Local Charter School
  • Schmaling, John Quality of Life for Individuals Enrolled in Heart Failure Telemonitoring
  • Seago, Diane Advanced Practice Nursing Knowledge Regarding the Use of Trigger Point Injections in Primary Care Management of Myofascial Pain
  • Snow, Judy A Collaborative, Interdisciplinary Quality Improvement Project to Improve Weaning from Mechanical Ventilation
  • Stimpson, James Implementation and Evaluation of a Glidescope® Teaching Demonstration
  • Tomlinson, Debbie Sue Implementing a Clinical Practice Guideline on Human Papillomavirus Immunization in a Family Practice Clinic
  • Waitman, Kathryn Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practice Education and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice Standing Orders in a Community Oncology Infusion Center
  • Whelan, Marjorie Improving Patient Satisfaction with a Hospitalist Program
  • Wilkey, Susan F. Early Childhood Caries Prevention in Primary Care: A Clinical Practice Change

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  • Achen, Susan M. Nurse Practitioner Recognition and Response Regarding Domestic Violence: An Interventional Project
  • Attaway, Penny Inserting the Hormonal Intrauterine Device in Nulliparous Women: A Practice Change
  • Borino, Noreen Implementation of a Train the Trainer Program for Diabetes Education
  • Brown, Sherry Creating Organizational Change by Implementing a Pain Resource Nurse Program
  • Chambers-McBride, Jacquenette Sepsis: Utilizing Evidence Based Practice to Prevent Failure to Rescue
  • Clayton, Jacqueline R. Implementation of Self-Testing of the International Normalized Ratio
  • Commet, Urana An Evidence-Based Approach to Implement a Standardized Heart Failure Discharge Protocol
  • Commet, Vern The Implementation of the Oswestry Disability Index in an Outpatient Pain Relief Institute
  • Doyle, Kathryn Evaluation of Implemented Group Visits with A Self-Management Tool for Patients with Pre-Diabetes
  • Ekeocha, Patience O. Implementation of Asthma Treatment Guidelines: An Evidence-Based Practice for Clinicians
  • Falke, Sharon L. Implementation of a Standardized Protocol for the Identification and Treatment of Hospitalized Patients at Risk for Venous Thromboembolism
  • Fox, Chris S. Implementing an Evidence-Based System Change into the Anesthesia Protocol for the Management of Postoperative Nausea and Vomiting
  • Francis-Windle, Cherise M. Implementation of Clinical Practice Guideline for Detection of Depression in Older Adults with Dementia at a Long-Term Care Facility
  • Goshu, Wonedwossen A. Implementation of the Use of a Timeout Checklist in Non-Operating Room Settings
  • Hathcock, Kimberly E. Advanced Practice Nursing Attitudes About Executive Cognitive Impairment and Knowledge Regarding Dementias of the Frontal Lobe, Type 2
  • Hunter, Mari Fostering Telemedicine Adoption: an Interventional Application of the Technology Acceptance Model
  • Jacobs, Melinda An Interventional Application of the Technology Acceptance Model
  • Keene, Terrie Initiation of Evidence-Based Guidelines for the Treatment of Exacerbation of Asthma in A Rural Convenient Care Setting
  • Kelly, Miranda L. Improving Nutritional Status: Clinician Adherence to an Evidence-Based Enteral Nutrition Protocol
  • Levy, Robyn A. An Evidence Based Practice Change Toward Attainment of Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • Mathew, Annie A Teaching Intervention on Concept Maps to Increase the Critical Thinking Skills Among Undergraduate Nursing Students
  • McDonald, Teresa A. The Implementation of Group Office Visits for the Management of Diabetes Mellitus
  • McQuade-Jones, Bambi Implementing a Standard Protocol for Breast Cancer Prevention
  • Moore, Karen S. Implementing Evidence Based Practice Principles of Diabetes Care for Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators
  • Nystrom, Patsi Effect of Implementing a Reminder System Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients
  • O’Nan, Deborah Bryant Pain Management in the Acute Care Setting
  • Paul, Arlette Initiation of a Call System for Pain Clinic
  • Peters-Herron, Alberta Awareness of HPV, Cervical Cancer and HPV Vaccine Among U.S. Nurse Practitioners
  • Scott, Teri W. Implementation of Quality and Performance Evaluations in Managers of Operations in a Retail Health Care Setting
  • Sebastian-Deutsch, Amy Chemotherapy DVD: Effects on Anxiety and Depression in People Newly Diagnosed with Cancer
  • Stumpf, Elizabeth An Evidence-Based Practice Guideline for the Recognition of Malnutrition in Elderly Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Tan, Rhigel A. A Teaching Intervention to Improve the Self-Efficacy of Internationally Educated Nurses
  • Taylor, Christine Identifying Trends in Serum Glucose Levels During the First Twenty-Four Hours After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery
  • Vrban, Jonathan Nurse Practitioner Skills Acquisition in Musculoskeletal Evaluation: An Evidence Based Practice Project for Employee Health
  • Wakhu, Douglas O. Introduction of Simulation Technology Using Medium-Fidelity Simulator at a School of Nursing in an African Country

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  • Abuor, Rebecca Incorporating Parental Training into Care of Children with Oppositional Defiant Disorder
  • Ballard, Kevin Evaluation of Occupational Medicine Program
  • Broad, Lauriann A Medical Outreach Team for Homeless Veterans
  • Conway, Kelly Evaluation of Implementation of Regional Coordinators
  • Delossantos, Oliva Development of a Health Promotion Program for Filipino Americans
  • Durant, Karen Implementation of Testosterone Replacement Guidelines
  • Edwards, Shieghetha L. Implementation of a Guideline to Improve Appropriate Antibiotic Use
  • Frisch, Charles A. An Algorithm for Femoral Nerve Blocks for Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Fractured Femurs
  • Kamperman, Kathryn Implementation of an Education Program for Patients Undergoing Breast Reconstruction.
  • Lujano, Julio Incorporating a Published Tool to Standardize Sex Education in the Pediatric Primary Care Setting
  • Nazirpour-Caloor, Seyed-Hassan Promoting Primary Care Provider Confidence in Differential Diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder and Use of Mood Disorder Questionnaire
  • Niemiec, Maricca Implementing a Protocol Change: How Nurse Practitioners Screen for Childhood Obesity
  • O’Neil, Vicky L. Implementation of Grading Rubric to Enhance Consistency in Grading Concept Maps
  • Ostrander, Peggy Weight Maintenance Using Internet Technology
  • Powers, Rebekah Implementation of Interventions to Decrease Interruptions and Distractions During Medication Administration
  • Raia, Lucille Implementing the Reflective Narrative
  • Robertson, Sherri Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (CA-MRSA) Awareness Before and After a CA-MRSA Teaching Intervention

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  • Abiodun-Adelokiki, Titilola Intervention to Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in Primary Care
  • Barber, Jasmine Targeting Childhood Obesity and Cardiovascular Health
  • Behnke, Lyn M. Screening for Vitamin D Deficiency in Older Adults Living in Long Term Care
  • Cadle, Harriet E. Using Clinical Practice Guidelines To Improve Diabetes Mellitus Care
  • Dean, Patricia Pamela Implementing And Evaluating Adherence To A Clinical Practice Guideline For Reproductive Life Planning And Folic Acid Use
  • Davis, Travonia Educating Clinicians on the Accurate Use of the Palliative Performance Scale
  • Foci, Emina Perinatal Depression Screening Program
  • Friedman, Sabrina Implementation of Support Group Services in the Management of Bariatric Weight Loss
  • Gumamit, Aurora F. Simulations in the Management of Obstetric Emergencies
  • Hall, Darene A. Implementation of a Screening Tool to Determine Eligibility for Thrombolytic Therapy for Acute Ischemic Stroke Management in the Emergency Department
  • Harding-Omar, Milagritos Jessica Palliative Care in the Elderly: A Guide for Clinician Education
  • Herrington, Amy Nutritional Screening in Geriatric Patient Undergoing Total Joint Replacement
  • Knisley, Janet Closing the Gap in Evidence-Based Practice in Seventh Semester Nursing Students
  • Komolafe, Johnson A. Implementation of the Risk for Suicide Questionnaire in the Primary Care Setting to Identify Adolescent at Risk for Suicide: A Practice Change
  • Lavelah-Travers, Jatu Improving Nursing Practice: Using the Mini Mental State Examination and Confusion Assessment Method Screening Tools for Mental Status Assessment
  • Moscicki, Henry E. Increasing Access to Health Care Through Faith-Based Hypertension Screening
  • Skinner, Claudia Implementing the POLST as a Method of Communicating End-Of-Life Wishes
  • Smith, Daniel Evans Educational Intervention to Implement the COG Guidelines
  • Smith-Lucas, Karla Targeting Adult Obesity in Primary Care
  • Sutliffe, Edward Implementation of the Body Mass Index as a Tool for Obesity Assessment
  • Willis, Michael L. Evaluating Pressure Ulcer Prevention in the Emergency Department

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  • Abimbola, Ebunoluwa O. Evaluation and Implementation of Psychopharmacology Clinical Practice Guidelines for Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Ackman, Deborah Improving Patient Care Through Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Bemis, Helen Development of an E-Mentoring Orientation Program
  • Bostic, Loretta Ann Implementation of Substance Abuse Prevention Education
  • Bradshaw, Laurel Beyond Professional Practice: Teaching Nursing Students to Care
  • Brinkman, Bevra S. Prevention of Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers
  • Cumbee, Patricia A. Implementing an Evidence-Based System Change for Timely Referrals to a Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic
  • Daniels, Daphne Improving the Nursing Profession: Implementation of a Nurse-Mentoring Program
  • Delosreyes, Anthony Impact of an Established Online Module on Nursing Students’ Perceptions on Incivility
  • Elkin, Darrell Effectiveness of an Educational Program for Clinican’s on Adherence of Type II Diabetics and Patient-Provider Communication
  • Fritz, Lori Evolution To EBP: A Journal Club Initiative
  • Herrera-Erdem, Orelia Promoting Grading Consistency of Nursing Care Plans
  • Mayer, Loretta Impacting Multiple Sclerosis: Personal Trainer Fitness Program
  • Mccarthy, Shauna Preventing Falls in Long Term Care: An Educational Nursing Intervention
  • Mcphoy, Faye Compliance with a Recommended Guideline for Clinical Management of Prehypertension in an Acute Psychiatric Setting: A Retrospective Study
  • Montalmant, Fritzner A Provider Educational Intervention to Improve Psychiatric Advance Directives Completion Rate
  • Nagai, Stephanie Assessing Nursing Students’ Perceptions of Jeopardy!® Game Teaching Method
  • Nyarunda, Charles Impact of Hendrich II Fall Risk Assessment Tool Initiative on Nurses’ Perception of Fall Prevention
  • Sharifian, Chitra RN-To-RN Peer Review: Implementing Peer-To-Peer Feedback
  • Smith, Petsy Implementation of a Diabetes Education Protocol in Patients with Chronic Mental Illness and Diabetes Mellitus
  • Tegan, Alicia Impact of an Education Module on Nursing Staff Perceptions on Bedside Reporting

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  • Cleveland, Melissa Nursing Clinical Skills Boot Camp Evaluation
  • Flores, Robert Evaluation of a Nurse Manager Orientation Program
  • James, Tommie Increasing RN Comprehensive Examination Scores with Continuity in Nursing Education
  • Langdon, Alice Implementation of a Weight Reduction Protocol for Psychiatric Patients in a Primary Care Clinic
  • Lowe, Laura Program Evaluation of Implementing Follow-up Calls to Reduce 30 Day Readmissions
  • Nedd, Beverly Closing the Gap: Integrating Mental Health and Primary Care in a Psychiatric Community Setting
  • Pyler, Bonita Sue Operation Metro Life – Implementation of a Disaster Response Exercise
  • Secor, Mimi Closing the Knowledge Gap: An Educational Module on Vulvovaginal Atrophy for Recently Graduated Nurse Practitioners
  • Spencer, Barbara Evaluating Effectiveness of Pain Management Education for Hospice Nurses
  • Stewart, Donna Nursing’s Future is Strengthened by Formal Leadership Development

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  • Allen, Maggie Evaluating the Effectiveness of HPV Education to Nursing Staff
  • Buckley, Holly Evaluation of Perceived Change of Health-Related Quality of Life Among Women Attending a Midlife Women’s Clinic
  • Cooley, Melissa Improving Follow-up Adherence Rates by Reliably Capturing Surgical Candidates in the Bariatric Patient
  • Creasy, Ashley ADHD Teacher Rating Scale: Better Understanding
  • Devita, Michele Using Evidenced Based Practice to Train Nursing Students
  • Gibson, Chikodiri Reducing Aggression Using Environmental-Centered Care in an Acute Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Unit
  • Jendro, Ginger Enhancing Evidence Based Practice Competencies of Advanced Practice Nurses through an Educational Series and Online Journal Club
  • King, Jennifer Evaluating Effectiveness of Provider Education in Implementing Dietary Counseling with At-Risk Pediatric Patients in Rural Oregon
  • Leggett, Rebecca Ann Integration of Oral Health Assessments into the Primary Care Practice Setting
  • Leier, Rachel L. Evaluating Effectiveness of Provider Education in the Management of Upper Respiratory Complaints
  • O’Donnell, Briana Implementing a Culture of Safety: Utilization of the GRASP-ED Protocol
  • Roberts, Ashley Implementation of Evidence Based Practice Education to Enhance Hand Hygiene Compliance
  • Russon, Sheila Implementation of a School Suicide Prevention Program
  • Watts, Jennette Evaluation of an Implementation of a Formal Patient Education Process for an Aesthetic Medicine Practice
  • Winfrey, Stephanie Implementing Clinical Practice Guidelines for Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

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  • Alexander, Jacquelyn Implementation and Evaluation of a Screening Tool for Early Delirium Detection
  • Brown, Toni Implementation of Early Mobilization of Mechanically Ventilated Patients in the ICU
  • Burkett, Evanna C. Assessing Medication Adherence in Patients with a Diagnosis of Depression Utilizing the Ask 20 Barrier Adherence Survey
  • Celani, Kindra Backman Implementation of Multidisciplinary Patient Heart Failure Education
  • Chou, Kristen A. Education on Safe Opioid Prescribing Guidelines for Acute and Chronic Pain in an Acute Care Setting
  • De Jesus, Michael Roy D. Streamlining the Process of Physical Activity Assessment and the Associated Physical Activity Prescriptions, Consults, and Education in the Primary Care Setting
  • Ebuh, Georgette M. Implementation of Text Message Appointment Reminder System to Reduce Missed Healthcare Appointment at Outpatient Clinic
  • Ezebuilo-Ukachukwu, Ifeoma Improving Nurse-Provider Communication
  • Fuentes, Carlos Improving Hand Hygiene Compliance in a Psychiatric Extended Observation Unit Facility
  • Jones, Vivian Danita An Evidence-Based Quality Improvement Approach to Compassion Fatigue in Critical Care Nurses
  • Montgomery, Kelsie Reducing Transfer Times of Patients Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit From the Emergency Department
  • Okpala, Henrietta Oby Implementation of the Geriatric Depression Scale in a Clinic
  • Peter, Esther Ogechi Postpartum Depression Screening Program
  • Peterson, Thomas Evaluation of Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, Explain, and Thank You Communication Strategy
  • Walker, Kelly Mason Assessment of Celiac Disease in Primary Care
  • Wells, Carly Jane Improving Nursing Documentation While Emphasizing the Importance of Comprehensive Charting on the Removal of Intravascular Devices: A Quality Improvement DNP Project

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  • Burden, Diana Marie Impact of Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Firefighters
  • Chepkwony, Abdi Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Interpersonal Communication and Relationship Enhancement Program (I*care) Using End-of-Life Professional Caregiver Survey
  • Diaz Leo, Jose A. The Effect of Preprocedure Education on After Care for Nexpanon Implantation
  • Dioh-Esona, Glory A.T. Implementation of Text Message Reminder to Promote Appointment Adherence in Outpatient Pediatric Clinic
  • Filler, Leslie First Responder Symptom Awareness to Reduce Critical Incident Secondary Trauma: A DNP Project
  • Frazier, Bethann M. Barriers to Implementation of Surgical Attire in the Operating Room
  • Gooding-Davies, Flora Medication Non-Adherence in Community Dwellers-Adults Age 65 and Older
  • Hogg, Hackley, Kiersten Implementation of a Delirium Protocol in a Critical Care Unit
  • Maduforo, Kathryn Adebukola Evidence Based Educational Program on Fall Prevention in Long-Term Care
  • Matteson, Ryan Implementation of a Type 2 Diabetes Screening Tool in a Community Clinic
  • Mayfield, Lori Ann Effect of Conflict Resolution Education on Nurse-Nurse Collaboration in a Community Hospital Setting
  • Melle, Alison Incivility in Nursing: An Educational Intervention and Quality Improvement Project
  • Oluwasuyi, Olayinka Implementation of Acute Stroke Early Mobilization Education Program
  • Salinas, Mario Romeo Jr. Examining Changes Following Introduction of a Visual Prompt in Primary Care Provider’s Nutrition Counseling for Children with Abnormal Body Mass Index
  • Tervort, Thomas James Preoperative Education for the Improvement of the Preoperative Experience

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  • Decker, Andrew Promoting Cardiovascular Disease Risk Screening in Primary Care
  • Fongang, Samuel W. Implementation of the Pressure Ulcer Scale of Healing (PUSH) Tool in Longterm Care Facility
  • Green, Beth The Use of Mindfulness Techniques to Increase Confidence in Clinical Performance Among Undergraduate Nursing Students
  • Hardwick, Sarah E. Communication of Do Not Resuscitate Status in Outpatient Oncology: A Quality Improvement Project
  • Haughton, Geraldine Implementation of a Diabetes Nutritional Education Module for Nurses in Ambulatory Care Medical Clinic
  • Holland, Arlene Civility: Providing Student RNs with the Tools to Navigate through Uncivil Situations
  • Huhtala, Ed The Impact of STOPP/START Tool Education In the Hospice Setting
  • Johnstun, Robert D. Recognizing Suicidal Ideation in the Emergency Department
  • Kariuki, Josephine Teaching Self-Care to Reduce Nurse Burnout
  • Krebs, Kaleigh Improving Pneumococcal Vaccination Rates in Parients 65 Years and Older in  a Rural Health Care Clinic
  • Luback-Neves, Marie Promoting Nurse Engagement in a Medical Oncology Unit
  • Nganga, Peter Ngotho The Effectiveness of Implementing PHQ9-A in Diagnosing of Depression in Adolescents Age 12 to 17 Years: A Quality Improvement Project
  • Niles, Shawna Reducing Health Disparities while Improving Diabetic Compliance within a Low-Income (Predominantly Hispanic) Population
  • Olsen, Bradley James Workplace Violence Awareness in the Emergency Department at a Regional Hospital: A Quality Improvement Plan
  • O’Neil, Megan Elizabeth Use of the Distress Thermometer in Rural Outpatient Oncology
  • Romney, Denise Transitional Telephone Follow-up Call by Nurse Practitioner
  • Washburn, Sheila Dawn Matthia Mentoring for Mastery, Meaning, and Matriculation

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  • Ahee, Ann Marie Staff Education Regarding Suspension of DNR Status During Ambulatory Surgical Procedures
  • Calderon, Emily Improving Handoff Communication in the Orthopedic Perioperative Setting
  • Eaton, Nadine Heart Failure Inpatient Order Set Use and the Quest to Reduce 30-Day Readmissions
  • Gormus, Courtney Compassion Fatigue Among Pediatric Oncology Healthcare Staff
  • Haislip, Brittany Lee Education for Hospice Case Managers to Improve CAHPS-Hospice Survey Knowledge
  • Hoffman, Jaclyn C. The Effects of an Educational Intervention on Compassion Fatigue as Experienceed by Oncology Nurses
  • Igara, Aiwanehi Effectiveness of Providers Education in Implementing Dietary Counseling to Adult Patients with Hypertension
  • LeBlanc, Kellie Lynn Postoperative Uriniary Retention in the Recovery Room
  • Llewellyn, Jeremy Improving Asthma Education Through the Implementation of Asthma Action Plans in the Clinical Setting
  • Newman, Meghan Screening for Eating Disorders in the Primary Care Setting
  • Ovsepyan, Jacqueline Implementation and Evaluation of Intraosseous Devices for Emergency Treatment
  • Pong, Valerie Incivility in the Workplace: A Quality Improvement Project to Promote Civil Behaviors Among Nurses
  • Simpson, Mindy Implementation of a Discharge Checklist in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (Pacu)
  • Uche, Comfort Educating Providers and MAs on Medicine Review Using Brown Bag Medicine Review
  • Villagrana, Mary Postpartum Depression Educational Intervention

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